LNA – Proposal for AMCHI Training (Traditional Tibetan Medicine)

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PROPOSAL BRIEF for LNA’S AMCHI TRAINING in Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Duration: 4 years
Total Students: 6

There are about 2000 nuns and total number of 28 Nunneries in Ladakh. Among them only 13 nunneries that are functional. Most nuns have not been to school and thus do not have any information or knowledge taught in formal education. Many nuns, either in a nunnery or at home, are living in very poor conditions, despite working hard. The knowledge about basic healthcare and traditional medicine is important for their healthy future.The Ladakh Nuns Association (LNA) was established in 1997. Since then, Dr. Palmo, who is also a Tibetan traditional doctor, had trained 9 nuns on Tibetan medicine. The courses were received well by the nuns.

Since last seven year we are running two clinic in Leh. The public response are very good towards the nuns help. Nuns contribution toward the mental health as well as on the physical health really helped many people in our Communities. Therefore its in great need to train more nuns as qualified Tibetan Doctor under the care of Ladakh Nuns Association.

LNA, therefore, wants to continue these activities and envisions that in the future, after a series of health related training programs and support, the nuns will use the knowledge to take care of themselves, and community members.

– To train selected nuns in traditional Tibetan medicine, modern basic healthcare and hygiene.
– To produce a booklet on basic modern healthcare and hygiene for the nuns.

LNA recruited 6 nuns to train in traditional medical training. The training had started last year the Month of May 2015. The six students already completed their exams last year. They are now in the 2nd year. We are very thankful to Dr.Cornelia Mallebrein,Germany. They has started with the help of her friends from Germany and Switzerland (www.ashakiran.de and DIG-Bodensee.com). We all the nuns are very grateful to all the sponsors and donors for their very kind financial support.

OUR NEW WEBSITE – www.ladakhnunsassociation.com

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Our New Website
Welcome to our new website!! Our Australian supporters assisted us in the new creation of our new and much anticipated site – We hope you enjoy and welcome all feedback. Please stay connected and we’ll look forward to keeping you all informed via our NEWS page.

Thank you for your on-going love and support!!

A WRAP UP OF 2015!!

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A WRAP UP OF 2015!!

Traditional Tibetan Medicine Training (AMCHI)
In May, we started the first 4 year Amchi training (Traditional Medicine) program with a combined group of 8 monastic and lay women. Senior practitioners – Karma Rapsal, Amchi Palmo, Amchi Thubten Dolma & Amchi Dorje Youdol have taken responsibility for the program’s administration as an extension of the AMCHI Clinic and LNA education stream.

During the first week of June, our new Amchi students went on a field trip at the nearby village of Pethub Parka. They were introduced to the local herbs and other medicinal plants of the region. Again in July all students and staff went for our annual herb collection in the nearby mountain areas of Khardong la.

Tibetan Buddhism
In August, a 2 week training of Buddhist studies was conducted at Pethub Monastery which was inaugurated by H.H. the Dalai Lama. More than 20 nuns across 6 nunneries had the opportunity to attend the workshop. LNA took the responsibility of providing all accommodation and other arrangements for them. This was the very first time that nuns were also invited to participate in the studies program with the monks.

New Infrastructure & Facilities
Mr. Graham Cunningham sponsored the new hostel building for the nuns, colected all the building materials and prepared the ground for the construction. All the nuns worked very hard to prepare a small garden with varieties of flowers at the Leh Nunnery.Herbs Cultivation & Gardening
We started cultivating herbs at the Chochot village, 1/2 an hour drive from LNA center. The efforts were supported with seedling donations from the Defense Institute in Leh. We were also fortunate to receive support support from local sponsors Mrs. Yangzom and their family in the use their land for the herbs and garden project.

Health Workshops (Prevention of Disease)
The Dutch Foundation Board members – Myar De Roy (Chairwoman), Marlies Bosh (Secretary), Ingried & Anike (members) visited LNA for a 1 day workshop conducted for 25 nuns from 5 different nunneries. The workshop was based on the book named “Our Bodies Ourselves.” . It was really helpful for the nuns to learn how to care of their health in a better and improved way.In July, Dr. Nancy.P.Chin from the University of Rochester Medical Center with her students group from Rochester University from America visited and conducted a 3 day training on “Physical and Mental health, Prevention of Diseases” for the nuns. All of them stayed within the nunnery and also visited Matho village with us to conduct a survey about concerning health issues in the village.

Prayer for Teachers, Sponsors & Friends
Ten-shuk (Long Life Prayer) was offered to Most Venerable Gaden Tri Rezong Rinpche Thubten Nima. Five nunneries were in charge and members of the nunneries attended it two days. More than 200 nuns got together for this special occasion. The villagers also joined. Rinpoche-la is now 88 years old. The event was organized by sponsors in collaboration with the 5 nunneries.

Installed Solar Power Light
Dr. Cornelia Mallebrein from Germany visited LNA with her group on 18th of August. They inaugurated the Solar System which had been donated from the members of the Zonta-Club Zürich and AGAPE Foundation. It has solved the problems with light that LNA has been facing in the last 10 years. All the nuns are very happy and praying for their very kindness.On the 2nd of August 35 nuns were ordained. It was sponsored and organized by the three Nunneries (Tingmosgang Thekchen Choling, Geyphel ling & Thubten Chhoskorling Nunneries). The Most Ven. Gaden Tri Rinpoche-la gave the ordinations. This is the 4th time that ordination of novices were sponsored and arranged by LNA.